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IOBP is a digital drawing program used for contemplation of the self and the self interacting with the world beyond. As such, it depicts an evolution of the personality. In addition, each participant with access to the drawing program can create a multitude of labels, which together form a reflection on their own inner world (Object) and its place in his or her context / environment (Background).

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Creating a label is done on the basis of several steps in the IOBP database. A ‘Background’ is chosen that symbolizes the history of a person and the context in which it finds itself. Then one chooses an “Object” that represents the “anecdotical self,” the self in the environment. Finally, you can use various ‘Functions’ where you can create compositions based on the position of the object in relation to the background. As well as through the use of different colors, transparency and other layers. In other words, the functions of any high-performance drawing program.

These allow for a multitude of combinations, allowing the IOBP program to be used not only in a very rich spectrum of contexts, but also in everyone’s unique individual way. Witch in turn reflects today’s society: the importance of the personification of a creation. At the same time, the process of creation itself, for the sake of inner reflection, is also an awareness of the place of the individual in the world around him or her.

A personally created label is always the result of an individual process and can function as a virtual diary entry, but can also serve as a communication tool or by way of exchange, be a design that fits in with the design of, for example, an (interior) architect, or serve to personalise (consumer) goods. The program can be implemented in various contexts of interpersonal, intrapersonal, spiritual and professional life. In such a way that we can really speak of practical and intellectual integration of a work of art, both in the personal and the collective sphere of our exchange model.


Three concrete applications of IOBP present themselves.
The spectator becomes a participant, as the exhibition shows a process of nomadic construction. After all, according to the statute of combination, the creation is in constant motion, be it through a feather-light shift or because of a complex drama. The spectator creates a temporary and personal core, or in other words, a label.

But IOBP is primarily an educational tool, as it affirms the place of the individual in the world. After a thorough introduction to the IOBP, the full drawing program can be used. In order to finalize labels that find their meaning in different applications. In 2022, BES started an IOBP-Education project in collaboration with the Atheneum Antwerp, where final year students could create labels as diary fragments during a defining year of their lives. In the coming year, the database will be shared with various interior architecture courses at Flemish colleges, in order to implement own compositions and labels in interior designs. Designs are translated into the world of many crafts to physically arrive at construction.

In the third option, one can use the graphical database of IOBP to personalize consumer goods. In doing so, the brand uses the possibilities of IOBP to expand its commercial aura. In direct merchandising, unlike the individual application where IOBP is an exploration of personal space by the individual, the institute IOBP itself will select aesthetic and ethical parameters to engage in a partial direction. The brand then confirms the unique core label for co-branding.